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Phone: 1-314-432-3633
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New Certification, Website and Software

And now for an announcement from our President…

As you may have noticed, we have been in the process of upgrading our website, our certifications and software. And, with all upgrades there are changes and learning curves.  For years, our customers have been asking for an easier-to-read certification. Our new certification launched last month and so far it has been a great success.  Our new certification is now streamline and meets all the new reporting requirements for ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI Z540-1.

Our certifications in the past were universal in nature and engineered fit a variety of accrediting body’s needs, but we are no longer able to provide such a certification.  In order to maintain our accreditation with A2LA and ISO/IEC 17025 & ANSI Z540-1 we now have to provide a very specific certification that reflects only the above mentioned guidelines and regulations.


If I may be permitted I would like to review the new certification with you: 

Page one list all the tool data – tool type, s/n, model #, R#, customer id#, range, etc. It also lists all the customer data, cal’d dates, calibration intervals, environmental conditions, tech & inspector # and page numbers.  The incoming condition of the tool (UUT = unit under test) is captured on this page.  For example, if parts were needed it would state so on page one, otherwise the certs shows the UUT as OK.   Page one also shows the accredited logo and calibration certificate number. Finally, page one lists all the legal verbiage necessary to fulfill ISO requirements and obtain the authorized signature.

Page two lists all the readings taken – including listing the tolerance applied (otherwise known as the acceptance criteria).  For those tools that have extensive tolerance, meaning tolerances change per range and reading, the min/max readings reflect the applied tolerance.  In this respect, there is absolutely no difference to this certification from the old certification other than we stated on page one, of the old cert, “extensive see min/max” for the acceptance criteria.  For the end user, all the necessary information is still available and in the same format.  For those tools that have an applied tolerance that is not extensive, it is stated on page two above the readings taken, again in the same format as the last year’s certification.  Page two also offers a comment section, which allows the technician to make additional comments regarding the calibration or the tool performance.  Finally, the bottom of page two lists the cal’d date, R#, customer id# and page 2 of 2.   There are no changes on the new certification’s page two other than the format went from landscape to portrait.  If your tool required additional pages of readings, then those pages would follow the same format as page two.

What happens when additional information is required by the customer outside of ISO requirements? Page two offers a comment section allowing TIC-MS to list other regulatory information or customer contractual guidelines.

It is TIC-MS’s goal to provide the most up to date calibration and certification and meet our customer’s needs.  So as we make our way through this upgrade and improvement process there will be times when fine tuning is necessary. Also I would like to invite to look at our new website, blog and Facebook page.   Remember all of your certifications can be viewed on line with our exclusive OLM (On Line Metrology) program.


Best Regards,

Cynthia Burnet|BA,MA,CQA

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