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Phone: 1-314-432-3633
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647 Trade Center Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Tech Talk: Hipot Testers

Do you know your Hipot Testers?

Tech Talk with Randy Wickenhauser hipot tester



If you manufacture electrical, motor-driven, and/or transformer-type products you are familiar with these instruments and their importance. Hipot Testers ensure you are producing safe products.  All safety standards recognize Hipot testing as absolutely imperative.

If your production is being slowed by improper hi pot failures, or even worse,  products are passing the hipot tests when they should not be, the implications are very dangerous.

Hipot Testers can perform several types of tests including Dielectric Withstand Test, Leakage Current, Arc Detection, Insulation Resistance, Ground Continuity, and Ground Bond.

There are several components to each of these tests:

  • high voltage
  • current measurement
  • resistance measurement
  • time.

Several manufacturers have Hipot Tester models built for a specific test while other models are of the do-it-all variety. Ensure that your calibration certificate is complete and checks each test to the full manufacturer specifications.

As you purchase newer testers and implement them into your testing process realize that they may require more accurate calibration standards to ensure they are up to the specifications that you purchased them for. Hipot Testers can generate voltages and currents that can cause harmful or electric shock. It’s important to have a qualified technician perform these safety test.

hipot tester offers fully accredited 17025 calibrations on all Hipot Testers.

Again, take a close look at your calibration certificates and ensure you are getting a complete and accurate calibration.

For more information, contact TIC-MS or email Randy at randy@ticms.com
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