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Phone: 1-314-432-3633
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647 Trade Center Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Talking Certification 101

You do not need to go back to college to learn how to read your calibration certification.  Read through these quick facts and you will be able to understand you calibration certification without paying high tuition cost.

certification talk 101

“As Found” vs. “As Left” Readings

“As Found” Readings (sometimes know as incoming readings): these are readings taken before any cleaning, adjusting or calibration has taken place*

“As Left” Readings (sometimes know as outgoing readings): these are readings taken after the tool has been clean, adjusted and calibrated*

*Calibration standards allow for a statement of compliance in-tolerance/out-tolerance & in may require measurement data.  Therefore, “as found” data is required and it provides the end user with the vital information if any operations were at risk over the prior calibration period

certification  ISO certification

Certification Reports

“Accredited Calibration”: this certification report meets the criteria of ISO/IEC 17025 & ANSI Z540-1 and the accrediting body, the certificate shows the accreditation certificate #, data and uncertainty readings

“Non-Accredited Calibration”: this certification reports that the instrument was calibrated to the required specifications and fully traceable standards were used


Measurement & Criteria

Uncertainty Measurement: allows the end user to see the total variability (+/-) of the measurement at each point


Acceptance Criteria: the tolerance applied to the instrument during calibration


So why do we even bother with Calibration? I mean, why calibrate your tools? 

Instruments that are calibrated provided accuracy to production & add validity and credibility to your operating organization.


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